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Andromedic MEA Pte Ltd was founded in 2016 as a Joint Venture Company between Andromedic S.r.l from Italy and VKMCS Pte Ltd from Singapore. Andromedic MEA is headquartered in Singapore

Meet our Team

Andromedic MEA’s Mission

A passionate team of oncologists and engineers advocating the practice of Hyperthermia to combat cancer

Andromedic MEA Pte Ltd consists of a team of oncologists and engineers dedicated to spread the practice of Hyperthermia through-out the world in combat against cancer.

The team have very close experiences with Hyperthermia in cancer treatment, and have seen for themselves the promising results of Hyperthermia

The Ultimate Goal of the Andromedic team is to advocate the use of Hyperthermia as an adjuvant to traditional cancer treatment, and to ultimately establish Hyperthermia as the 4th mainstay for cancer treatment.

The team strongly believes in the efficacy of Hyperthermia treatment in improving the survival rates of cancer sufferers, and in its ability to improve the general well-being as well as to provide pain relief to cancer sufferers.


Chairman’s  Message


As the world evolves and developing countries industrialise, patterns of pollution and spread of diseases increases with the shift of industrialisation centres. Cancer is a borderless disease which is not bounded by age, and they continue to afflict many people across societies.

We have seen a huge increase in the number of cancer cases in many developing countries where hospitals and treatment centres could be inaccessible, and many are not ambulant enough to reach an appropriate treatment centre for treatment.

Deep Hyperthermia had been a known therapy treatment for many illnesses since time immemorial. Andromedic HYDEEP 600WM is a device that administer deep hyperthermia which works concomitant with both chemotherapy and radiotherapy as a package treatment for better outcome.

The Andromedic HYDEEP 600WM has been adopted in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovak, Portugal, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan for its efficacies. There had been consistent improvement to both the survival rates and pain management to the patients.

The equipment is made in Italy and Germany, adhering to the strictest of manufacturing standards and providing our clients with peace of mind. May God Bless and May All who come across and make use of the device, recover well with good outcomes.

I wish One and All, many more good years of happiness and good health!

Chairman, Andromedic MEA Pte Ltd

Nicholas Koh



If you have the keen desire to help others improve the quality of treatment and survival, do write to us with a brief summary of your profile.