The Andromedic HY-DEEP 600WM is a device capable of administering capacitive deep hyperthermia treatment for both superficial tumours and deep seated tumours through the use of radiofrequency waves. It is capable of treating all solid tumours, including brain tumours and lymph node tumours.

The HY-DEEP 600WM operates on a highly accurate and efficient formula for quality of treatment, and is fully compliant with the Hyperthermia protocols set by international societies such as ESHO and ASHO.


Features of HY-DEEP 600WM

  • Dedicated software with protocols for individual oncological pathologies and with specific algorithms to better treat our patients.
  • Patented antennae with radio frequency transmitter and cooling circuit.
  • Innovative cooling system to provide comfort and prevent burns.
  • Temperature estimation system of the treated area.
  • Does not require shielding of rooms.
  • Highly comfortable to patients during treatment.

How does Hyperthermia Treatment work?

The HY-DEEP 600WM delivers a capacitive 13.56MHz radio frequency waves into the targeted area in the patient’s body. The radio waves are transmitted for one hour to achieve optimal therapeutic gain, reinforcing the immune system and destroys cancer cells.

Who can Use Hyperthermia Treatment?

Treatment with HY-DEEP 600WM is simple and efficient. It is painless and non-invasive with zero side-effects.

Hyperthermia treatment is suitable for most cancer patients suffering from solid cancers.

Effects of Hyperthermia Treatment

Deep Hyperthermia triggers cell apoptosis when the cells of the treatment area are heated to a controlled range of temperature. The treatment improves the body’s response to chemotherapy and radio therapy treatments when used as an adjuvant, and improves survival rates of cancer sufferers.


More on Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia therapy involves controlled heating of cells to a fixed temperature range to promote cell apoptosis, and better the results of chemotherapy and radiotherapy when used as an adjuvant. Hyperthermia improves the body’s reception to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, allowing greater efficiency and effectiveness of the treatments.